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By amt

AMT WS Microphone Shootout!

On 11, Feb 2013 | 6 Comments | In Uncategorized | By amt

AMT WS Clarinet Microphone



Thanks to Tom Puwalski for creating a couple audio files to show just how true sounding the AMT WS really is.  Like the complete line of AMT microphone, the WS double clarinet microphone really does capture the instrument’s true sonic qualities.

Tom’s shootout:

This is with the shure 300 ribbon mic. My normal studio mic into AEA ribbon pre into apoggee ensemble into logic.



The Same recording using my new Applied Microphone Technologies Clairnet microphone. This is exactly the same performance take as the one that I was using a Shure 300 ribbon microphone for, I just output the AMT performance. I new this mic was going to be a winner for live performance but I think It sounds great for recording. I don’t hear and key “Thumping” or “clicks’. I’m playing on a New Grenidilla Backun Protege clarinet. It’s easier when you have a great Mic on a great clarinet.

About Tom:

“If music be the food of love, play on.”  During my 20-year tenure with the U.S. Army Field Band, much of it as Principal Clarinetist, I was able to perform in some of the most diverse (okay bizarre) setting imaginable. From concert halls to cow palaces across the US and around the world, music is something that connects us all. People want to be engaged by the music they are listening to and actively participate in the experience.

As with performing, teaching is an important aspect if my passion for music. I have written instructional books (such as The Clarinetist’s Guide to Klezmer”) as well as conducted master classes and workshops on a clarinet performance because I believe music should be as fun for others to perform as it is for me. Whether they are from the Beijing Conservatory, the Armed Forces School of Music in Virginia, or anywhere else imaginable, my students and I have a blast learning to “play” in the moment and to be open to hearing what music has to teach us.

Recently I have had the pleasure to work with Backun Musical Services, Antigua Winds, and Legere Reeds in the design and testing of clarinet products that make playing easier and more fun.

Speaking of having fun, I am always forging new creative collaborations and playing with a variety of talented musicians; most recently I have been performing all around the world my klezmer band “The Atonement.” I have also had the pleasure of performing on numerous recordings with the U.S. Army Field Band, Lox & Vodka and have arranged and recorded music for documentaries on Jewish life including, “And Half A Day On Sunday” and “The Old Days.”

Thanks for visiting. Please let me know how I can share my joy of music with you today. Email me:


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