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Aaron Liddard

Instrument: Saxophone | AMT Products Used: LSW – Sennheiser/LS Studio/LS/LSW – Shure/TA2

“Aaron’s using the AMT Wi5!” – Aaron Liddard


Aaron Liddard performs as a soloist and in horn sections with artists in the UK. He is lead saxophonist and composer with the London Jazz Collective, and writes for his own ensembles that have embraced jazz, funk, soul, salsa, hip hop, and free improv.

“If you like good sax, Aaron Liddard is great at it.” (Jeff Davis)

Graduating from Salford University in 1996 whilst playing in eight bands and sound engineering the sound at Band on the Wall, Aaron’s performed professionally since. He’s been involved long-term with excellent bands such as Slithey Tove (92-06), Nylon Jungle (97-00), Inner Sense Percussion Orchestra (06-00), Henlid Barabak Qrt (03-04), Manchester Samba School (05-06), Any Swing Goes big band (05-06), and in the US with Paula Valstein, Bishop Albert Jameson of the Gospel Workshop of America, and David Bratton’s Spirit of Praise with Michael Olatuja and Jeff Davis. He has taken musical sabbaticals in Copenhagen, San Fransisco, Kazakhstan, Kurgihzstan, Ireland, New York, and Vienna.

Aaron was lucky enough to leave his various part-time jobs behind in 2003. Together with his move into central London, this shift has allowed Aaron to ‘move on up’ to another level. In 2004 he played with Eddie M, Mike Outram and Norman Jay. In 2005 he guested with Down to the bone, Hedkandi, Steve Coleman, and the MO Horns. In 2006 he has performed solo at Vodka Bar Moscow, and appeared with Kym Mazelle, Amy Winehouse, Marlene Mortensen, SophieDJ, Nik Turner, and Troy Miller.

“Aaron Liddard is a bloody good sax player” Rob Buckland, Apollo Saxophone Quartet (06)

“He was a revelation at the Manchester Jazz Festival playing an absolute blinder. Dizzy on Afro Cuban grooves and furious when the beat gets hard edged. But his piercing tones shines in any context” Mike Butler, Manchester (03)

“This was the first time I had worked with Aaron, and I had a superb time. He’s an intuitive, creative and innovative saxophonist who skillfully layers his improv over the music, using a variety of fx to enhance the alto and baritone sax, and flute all the while checking it’s sitting beautifully in the overall mix. It was a pleasure to work with him and I’m looking forward to our next gig together!” SophieDJ (06)

“Aaron’s music was the most creative things we’ve done this year” Adrian Mealing, Inner Sense (02)

“One of the best live sax players I have ever worked with can add atmosphere to any room, and any situation” Andy Jones, J2 Nightclub (04)

“He takes it to the next level” Amooti (06)