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Bill McCrossen

Instrument: Acoustic BassAMT Products Used: S25B

“If you’ve gotten sick to death as I have of hearing your natural tone over the years, compressed, colored, or out of control from using any of the piezo pick-up or mic currently available on the market, you’ll suddenly feel, be the first to note, from a duo to a full band, using the AMT Bass mic is like having a wet blanket removed from your instrument.”
– Bill McCrossen


Bill McCrossen has been for the past two decades, and continues to be, one of the most in-demand bass players on the New York scene.  Equally at home on both the double bass (upright) and electric bass guitar, Bill has performed with, and recorded for, numerous local artists (including such jazz guitarist luminaries as Gene Bertoncini, Jack Wilkens, Jimmy Bruno, Ron Affif, Mark Marino, and Steve Salerno), orchestras, Broadway productions and television commercials.  His interests and influences range from folk to psychedelic acid rock – from boogie-woogie to traditional Cuban and African music – from Baroque to 20th-century multimedia chamber ensemble – from rhythm and blues to free improvisation. But Bill’s favorite thing is to combine all these elements together when performing his favorite jazz standards with one of the many different groups he plays with – all to create a mind-bending excursion through the “Low End”. Bill currently is working for Bill Cosby, recording, along with a jazz sextet, the background music for Cosby’s new animated children’s program, the “Little Bill Show”, which airs on the Nickelodeon cable network. He also teaches upright bass and jazz improvisation through private lessons as well as teaching at Five Towns College on Long Island.