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Darius Christian Jones

Product Used: Q7-P808 Mini


Baltimore raised and Brooklyn reborn, Darius Christian is a force of
nature. With his lustful trombone stylizations, vocals to temper your feels,
and an upsettingly good band of NYC thoroughbreds, his music is
dariuschristian_leonardomascaro-19something you need, and you need it now. One could place him on the list
of “Renaissance Men” due to his exploits in modeling, film, composition,
and media, but the real renaissance can be found in his music. Music to get
lost. Music to fall in love. Music to laugh. Music to forget hate. Music.

A particularly special spirit-fest can be heard on Monday nights at
Apotheke, the underground Chinatown party room where Darius has taken
residency for the last year. You will find, when you go, a sold out crowd of
obsessed music-goers that wouldn’t dare be anywhere else. Tight,
intricately manicured, jazz-meets-everything sounds are equal parts mindbending
and soul enlivening.

You’ve watched him on America’s Got Talent. You’ve seen him in campaigns
for Tommy Hilfiger. You’ve heard him with Macy Gray, David Murray, Blitz
the Ambassador, Wayne Shorter, and Michael Blume. The logical next step
for you, the fans, is to support this solo endeavor. What you’re going to find
is a raw, emotion-filled aesthetic that is there to remind you that we’re all
the luckiest people to be alive.