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Franco Sattamini

Instrument: Alto Saxophone | AMT Products Used: LS

“Roam 1 is the solution I long waited for: perfect, pristine translation of the natural sound of my horn, combined with the freedom to perform with a wireless system. Never before! It is a pleasure to hear the true sound of my horn just become louder through the P.A., without undesired colorations. No matter whether I’m playing an intimate venue, a large concert hall or an open-air mega show, the result is always outstanding! Great job, guys!” – Franco Sattamini

Franco Sattamini
Composer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer.


“With his pristine musicianship and extraordinary creativity, Franco has gained a definite position in modern music of today. His work shows maturity and full understanding of Pop, Brazilian and Jazz idioms clearly demonstrated by his latest record.”
Eumir Deodato Multi-platinum Grammy winning composer, arranger and producer.

“Franco is a first rate artist . . . I have had the pleasure of recording with this charming talented gentleman and his music rings the bells of my heart!”
Phil Woods Four-time Grammy winning saxophone legend and composer

“What a delightful surprise: musical multi-talent, and more . . .. . . He is a true showman! . . . great excitement and a live feel with his delivery.  Franco’s mission is needed and grand: spreading our (Brazilian) music heritage with his unique blend . . . I’m rooting for you and expecting big things . . .  Count on my blessings, Franco.”
Roberto Menescal Composer, guitarist extraordinaire, co-inventor of the Bossa Nova

“. . .colorful and soul-touching . . .. . . first-rate classical guitar and soprano sax . . .
. . . smooth, rich voice . . .” Jody Duckett
Arts & Entertainment Editor – The Morning Call
“Franco has provided creative musical work for Globo TV for over 8 years.
Whether composing, arranging, producing, or performing,
his work is always above anyone’s expectations.  Every piece of work has been a success.
This is a success measured at the highest level of TV production (Globo is the 3rd largest TV network in the world), enduring the tests of the International market,
throughout dozens of countries, and many different languages.

Simply put, I don’t know of any other composer who is capable of creating work in so many different musical genres,
always at a level of mastery.  Modern, traditional, ethnic, orchestral, Pop, Jazz . . .
you name it, he will do it! Amazing! . . .

. . . His broad vision of music, in addition to his singer/multi-instrumentalist talents, allow for a truly out-of-the-box result, again,
always above and beyond expectations.

. . . Franco is a truly gifted artist,
and a human being of great character and personality . . .”
Francisco Santos Jr.
Musical Supervisor – Globo TV Int’l

Franco Sattamini is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer. His long list of credits include commercial recordings, extensive TV scoring, world touring, arranging and producing numerous CDs, including Sharp Awards winner “Chica de Cidra – Louca Paixão” – Brazil, 1997.

Franco worked and collaborated with the very creators of the Bossa Nova movement. Greats such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Roberto Menescal, among many other Brazilian luminaires, such as Danilo Caymmi, Robertinho de Recife, Fagner, Simone, Joana, Sá e Guarabira, Pepeu Gomes, Sandra de Sá, Guilherme Arantes, Flávio Venturini, Orlando Morais, Wando, Alceu Valença, Roupa Nova, Batacoto, Elymar Santos, Pery Ribeiro, Chitaozinho e Xororó, Sérgio Reis, Emilio Santiago, Vanuza, Zé Augusto, Xuxa, and the list goes on.

He is part of a privileged generation of artists who can, first hand, bridge the traditional roots of Brazilian Music with the modern influences of today’s mainstream music . . . and more.

And so, his music is a result of his life experiences: a unique blend of Brazilian roots with R&B, Pop, Soul and Funk music to create infectious grooves, topped with colorful melodies, supported by elaborated harmonies. The end result: A totally fresh sound that makes it hard to stand still. It moves the body, touches the heart, and heals the soul.
As Franco says, this is a new R&B: it’s Rhythm & Bossa.

But his music is limitless . . . it goes beyond the “ethnic / pop” blend of Rhythm & Bossa. It reaches different heights from orchestral scoring to Jazz pieces, power ballads to moods & textures that can bring life to any scene, carrying just the right emotion for a perfect soundtrack.

His soundtracks are featured on several Brazilian TV shows, produced by the 3rd largest TV network in the world, Globo TV, and presented in over 20 countries.
These programs include “Tieta”, “The Farewell Party”, “New Life”, “Of Body and Soul”, “Programa de Índio”, “Hapiness”, “Secrets of the Sand”, “Cara e Cruz”, and “Double Trouble Unlimited”, winner of Best Youth TV Show in England.

He has also scored for theatre, including the original music for the play “La Vita è Un Canyon, ” by Augusto Bianchi Rizzi, produced by the legendary Teatro Franco Parenti in  Milan, Italy. The play counts with director Andrée Ruth Shammah, with Itlay’s muse Anna Galiena (The Hairdresser’s Husband, Being Human, The Leading Man) in the main role.

Also, after more than 8 years of writing over 60 Spanish lyrics for Brazilian top hits, and producing these recordings featuring their original artists, Franco has acquired an amazing “touch” on writing specifically for one given artist.

Recently Franco recorded, arranged and produced “Christmas in Rhythm & Bossa – Franco & Guests”, a Christmas celebration with tropical flavors. The CD features guests such as legendary 4-time Grammy Award Winner Phil Woods, Roberto Menescal, Latin Grammy Award Winner Danilo Caymmi, Brazilian Pop star Claudio Nucci, Torcuato Mariano, and many other outstanding talents form both US and Brazil.

Franco has toured Europe, Japan, South America and North America, performing at venues such as The Montreux Jazz Festival and concerts for audiences of over 60, 000.

To round up his experiences in the music industry, Franco has directed one of the largest Arts Festivals in the Northeast of the US, bringing the festival’s attendance to an unprecedented level of success, raising its audiences from 250, 000 to 420, 000 visitors.

Franco is a founding member of the LARAS – Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Science, and a voting member of the NARAS – National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and a member of NARAS’ Producers & Engineers Wing.

Now living in the US, Franco is focusing on the continuity of his successful career, in the same diverse style that it was built upon back in Brazil: writing, arranging, producing, and recording. He is an artist of many facets, and a craftsman of many tools.

“ I feel blessed to be in this industry and to have had the chance to play
so many different roles in the music making process.
I love to meet and collaborate with different artists, producers, directors, etc.
This diverse experience enriches my own writing, and broadens my mind.

I see the writing as the very core of music production,
yet always taking into consideration  an artist’s style and personality.
The “great song” often outlives the artist and the writer.
The quest for the “great song” is the biggest challenge;
The “great song” performed by a great artist
makes for the ultimate musical legacy.

I love music, period! There is no life without music and love. It is that big!

I’m always looking forward to the next project,
ready to devote myself to it completely, with great passion and intensity!”
Franco Sattamini