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Frankie Rose

Instrument: Guitar | AMT Products Used: S15G/S15G Studio

“Frankie’s using the S15G Studio” – Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose was borned in 1954 in Norway while his parents were touring with a local circus

He is the son of marion Duffy from the famous irish circus the Duffy circus and Eddie Rose who was a world calss cirus artist.

He began his musical career as a bass player with the jazz rock band Frsh air Factory in 1978 he studied guitar a few month

at the famous Berklee college of Music and started playing professionaly while studying guitar at the jazz section of

the : Conservatoire de Liège

In 1980 he formed his own fusion band called Timber , he wrote and arrange the music for the band , he recorded

2 albums wtih Timber : No Ki and A new song.

The same year he joigned the chilian band Machitun de chile as lead guitarist , composer and arranger , he will stay with

the band for 5 years recording 3 records : Mi dulce america, cantos mojados y lacrimas e fuego and Volume 4

while plying with Machitun he will also play with brazilian band Xoro Rojo and cuban band Mancada.

In 1986 he formed a jazz duet with tenor sax and flute player Vincent Penasse (now living and playing in Brazil)

and recorded a live cd : live au Travers they toured all over europe with the project.

Frankie became more involved in teaching guitar , he was the founder of the international jazz camp Jazz au vert

In 1988 frankie formed a salsa band with vincetnt Penasse and cuban friends living in Brussels they opened for

Arturo Sandoval at the théatre 140.

In 1990 he joined his younger brother Perry Rose irish folk rock band as lead guitarist while forming his own

fusion band : Frankie Rose and the Story tellers he recorded 2 cds with his brother : Green Bus , All seasons and

1 with the story tellers.

In 1995 he created a new band :Colours he toured in Canada and the USA with Colours while recording

2 cd : Live at the Espace Delvaux and Rebel Heart.

He thaught guitar , ear training and rythm in Lille France EF2M

In 2001 he recorded a acoustic guitar record with Brazilian guitarist daniel Miranda they toured in Belgium, France

and Brazil with the project.

In 2002 he formed a blues band with his students in france and record the album Sense of pride

Since 2005 Frankie plays with the italian guitarist Roberto di Ferdinando they formed an international band with

american drummer Dan Rieser and belgium bass player Nic Thys they recorded 2 cd The open country and Brotherhood

In 2007 Frankie produced his first solo album singing his own song as wellas irish and american traditionnals ,

playing guitar , mandolin and singing.