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Fresh 2 Def Horns

The Fresh 2 Def Horns were founded by Michael Rey (Trumpet), Joseph Serrato (Saxophone), and Javier Stuppard (Trombone) in 2006. After inception, they quickly became one of the Premier Horn Sections in Austin, Texas. Fresh 2 Def’s soulful sound is a culmination of an exceptional blend, superb musicianship, and creativity that is adjusted to enhance any genre of music.

The section has a distinct style that is deeply rooted in entertainment; this “complete package” is evident though choreography, and high-energy that engages crowds through interaction. To further enhance the experience the look of the section is chosen from a wardrobe of matching attire such as suits, fitted hats and Jordan’s.

In 2014 the Fresh 2 Def Horns joined the Nightowls, a 10 piece soul band from Austin, Texas who maintains a very active schedule of original music and Motown covers.

The section has been using AMT products since 2008 and are currently using a Wi5 II, P800 w/5c transmitter, and a P808 w/5C.

“These mics are by far the best solution for horn players requiring amplification. They have an amazing tone that maintains the timbre and acoustic properties of our horns, a seemingly endless range that doesn’t fizzle; plus, having no wires attached makes for a really clean look. Just try them and see for yourself!”

They can be found on Instagram (@fresh2defhorns), Twitter (@Fresh@DefHorns), and Facbook (