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Jackson Rice

In my opinion “The AMT P800BM is by far the best sounding bell clip on microphone for trumpet to date. I’ve tested the following microphones on stage and in the recording studio. The P800 is my very first choice.”

JazzCanvas1Bell Clip on microphones I tested are as follows: (DPA 4099T, AKG C519, Audio Technica PRO 35, Shure PGA98H, SD Systems LCM77, Audix ADX20i, Sennheiser E 908, Beyer Dynamic TG-I52D.

I invite anyone who has tested more trumpet clip on microphones for live performance, worthy of testing of course, to add to this list. So in your face…Haha…..I have 30 years DIgital Mastering experience dating from the days at the launch of the first PCM digital recorder I/O from Phillips. We purchased one to transfer it in real time from the original stereo 1/2 track master while remastering for CD. Man there was a lot of music and music history to digitize. Thank God I love music. One project I remember working on two giant vaults full of live radio original Vinyl masters and some tape of the live News Tribune radio program “Top Of The Ocean” Dave Griener Orchestra. Dating back to the first ever analog recordings after wire. Even odd speeds with wax masters were to be restored. A couple of the Vinyls even played from the inside out. The clips from this project were used on displays at Paul Allen’s opening of EMP (Experience Music Project) at the Seattle Center. All restored to Digital. I’ve mastered or performed on over 2000 recordings spanning 40 years.


For Jackson Rice success came early as he has played amazing venues such as Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert hall as well as a full European tour at the age of 19. A child prodigy and a classically trained musician at first then later into jazz where he found his passion for composition.


Working for nearly 20 years behind the scenes he has recorded, mastered, produced or performed on over 2000 recordings. Now a major artist in his own right, performing worldwide, selling his solo CD releases, he has found a form of creative expression that begins in traditional jazz and expands beyond the limits of any single genre. With “The Firefly”, his first CD release,  he established himself as one of the important, innovative trumpet players of the contemporary music world. And now with “’59 It Speaks For Itself” he has shown he can create a beautiful listening experience that takes you all the way back to 1959, the year he was born.


Listen to what today’s critics are saying……

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