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Johnny Holliday

Instrument: Trumpet | AMT Products Used: P800-5C

Master musician and performer Johnny Holliday serenades audiences with his unique
renditions of popular songs and original music providing an amazing show that is tailored to
any event. With Smooth, Latin & Contemporary Jazz as well as several other styles, his
repertoire reflects his virtuosity. Johnny brings a different dimension to his music, as he is
both a disciplined military member, and a man of deep faith. He offers an excellent collection
of recorded works as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, alongside his expertise in front of an
audience, a fact our armed forces know well. When you hear Johnny Holliday playing you are
having a great time!
Recently performing at the Miami Jazz in the Gardens Festival, Johnny Holliday opened the
show for major artist such as Al Jarreau, Lauryn Hill, Layla Hathaway, Johnny Gil and many
more. Johnny Holliday is often found performing in concerts, festivals, as well as for Military
Dignitaries and Ambassador’s from Foreign Countries. His music is sought after
internationally within both popular and military circles. And on special occasions, Johnny
Holliday is requested to perform at personal events, from dinner parties to formal military
balls by 4 Star Generals. His newest Jazz CD “In The Light” was featured on local news
stations NBC, CBS and FOX. Johnny Holliday is an active Air Force Member, who grew up
playing the trumpet and developed his excellent ear touring with the Air Force Show Band
“Tops in Blue” performing in 14 countries and 44 states.
While serving in Iraq, the long hours as a Security Forces Member created what Johnny calls a
“spiritual training ground”. During a landmark moment, far from his loved ones and family,
after playing alone in a church, Holliday was asked to share his gift with the troops and
perform on the base. It was then that he finally found the truth of his life path, “ Playing my
trumpet for that music show was an epiphany. Just as my military career and love of country
are very important to me, I finally recognized I equally love my music.”

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