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Jonty Fisher

Instrument: Acoustic BassAMT Products Used: S25B/SP25B

“I have been looking for this little mic as long as I have been playing (a good few years now!). As with any player of an acoustic instrument, I found that I spent hours practicing and working on my sound; getting into the subtle nuances of the instrument and bringing out the tones…only to sound more like an electric instrument every time I was on a gig and needed that little bit more volume. This mic (S25bTP) put an end to that overnight. It captures the sound of my bass with remarkable clarity, from smaller clubs to big concert halls (with hardly ever any overspill even when next to the loudest of drummers). In the studio it is equally impressive. When I recorded my last album the engineer hadn’t seen one before and was curious to hear what it was like; the sound was so good that we decided not to use the £4000.00 specialist mic that he had set-up and just used the AMT…the result is the best bass sound that I have ever had on a recording. I can highly recommend this mic to anyone that is interested in getting an authentic sound out of their acoustic bass. I use it with the super-pre amp…it gives an extra flexibility that is useful when you’re playing in a variety of settings.” – Jonty Fisher

Brought up in Ghana, Zambia and the UK, Jonty went to Ridge School in Kumasi, Ghana, Leopards Hill School in Lusaka, Zambia (…he had a year off while in Zambia, most of which he spent working in the Kafue National Game Reserve) and Dartington Hall School in Devon. Jonty moved to London to study music at The West London Institute of Higher Education when he was 18 and began his career in 1988, performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as a finalist in the Barclays Youth Music Awards.
Jonty is a regular on the London music scene, has played at many of the UK’s premier events and venues and his time is punctuated by extensive world touring as well as film, radio, television and recording appearances.

A prolific composer, his music has appeared on eight albums and BBC TV. He has worked with many different artists including Liane Carroll,  Jacqui Dankworth,  Steve Brookstein, Don Rendell,  Christian Garrick, the David Gordon Trio, Frank Holder, Steve Sidwell, Anton Browne, Todd Gordon, Joe Stilgoe and is a long standing member of the Kate Dimbleby Trio, the Sara Littlefield Quartet and the Eileen Hunter band. Jonty is a member of the critically acclaimed world music band Deva and is cofounder of Trio (with Craig Schneider), The Ashes Quartet and the Swedish guitar trio Ben and Jerry’s Phisherfood.

He studied composition, harmony and musical form with the great pianist and composer Ronald Francis Littlefield and gained a first class BA Honours at Trent Park in North London.

Jonty also has a black-belt and instructors qualification (1997) in Bojitsu (Karate).