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Keith Edwards

Instrument: Acoustic BassAMT Products Used: S25B/SP25B/S25B-TP/SP25B-TP

“AMT’s S25B brings out a tonal quality from my Kay bass unlike any mic or pickup I’ve ever used before.  Both sound engineers and fellow bass players ask what I’m using to get that unique sound quality and tone while playing live shows.  When they look at the S25B, they instantly love how simple it is to mount to the bass and note how the padding on the clamping system protects the finish.  The consistent number of inquiries as to the mic I’m using is a testament to the high quality sound produced using the S25B.  In my opinion, AMT’s S25B is the best solution when it comes to micing an upright bass.” – Keith Edwards

Keith Edwards has been playing his unique brand of “slap-bass style” on the upright bass since he was twelve years old.  Raised in the company of Bluegrass musicians on a dairy farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, it was only natural for Keith to spend countless childhood hours “parkin’ lot picking” at Bluegrass festivals where he honed his style of playing.

Keith has had the opportunity to play with several groups includingSouth Wind,  Chestnut Creek,  Steve Toth and Rippling River,  Horse Country and the Dick Smith-Mike O’Reilly Band.  He has been featured on several recording projects alongside such musicians as David Grisman, Jon Sholle, Tony Trischka, Andy Statman and Kenny Kosek.   He has had the opportunity to play with Bluegrass greats Byron Berline and Michael Cleveland. Keith currently plays bass and sings with Straight Drive who delivers their brand of traditional and original Bluegrass music.  Straight Drive has played such venues as Carnegie Hall, the Mississippi Queen Steamboat and the Wheeling Jamboree.