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Michael Varekamp

Instrument: Trumpet | AMT Products Used: P800/P800W-Shure/P800W-Sennheiser/P800 Studio

“It’ll take me anywhere, gives my sound the room it needs, and won’t clip, no matter what I do” – Michael Varekamp

Michael Varekamp (Rotterdam, 1968) started playing the trumpet at the age of 10. When he is 12 he is deeply affected by a Louis Armstrong album which he finds among his father’s music collection. At age of 13 he starts leading his first little jazz
band. In 1996 he graduates cum laude at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. As a sideman he is most of the time on tour with Fra
Fra Sound and the Dutch Swing College Band after his graduation. He plays at many festivals and does concerts in Australia, South Africa, Great Brittania, Cuba, Tunisia, Malta and all over of Europe. In the Netherlands and abroad he plays in many clubs, theatres, concert halls and at various festivals. During tours he often gives workshops and guest lectures. He regularly contributes to film, radio and tv productions. Besides playing the trumpet Michael sings and composes for the various bands. He is also host and producer of the live jazz program Jazz on West for RTVWEST. During his career, Michael performed with a lot of great musicians from various ‘spheres’ like Lalo Shifrin, Scott Hamilton, David Murray, Lester Bowie, Conte Candoli, Wendell Brunious, Joris Teepe, John Engels, Denise Jannah, Frits Landesbergen, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Peter Beets, Dee Daniels, Philip Harper, Ralph Peterson and Brian Lynch. Michael is currently working as a bandleader on his own with the MICHAEL VAREKAMP JAZZ QUARTET and THE COSMIC SCENE and is working with different groups such as A tribute to Miles Davis, HOW2B? and The Legends. In October 2001 he received in Kobe Japan the Kobe Award for outstanding young talent. This year there are tours scheduled for Israël, West-Africa, New York and a new CD is coming up.