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Myron Walden

Instrument: Saxophone | AMT Products Used: LSW – Sennheiser/LS Studio/LS/LSW – Shure/TA2

“Myron is using the Wi5 Pro setup.” – Myron Walden

Momentum, is a potent modern mainstream set that takes trumpet icon Miles Davis’ legendary 1960s quintet as a touchstone, but achieves reverence without sacrificing its own voice.”

“Walden’s writing has always demonstrated a distinctive blending of front line horns that almost sounds like a single voice..when writing for saxophone and trumpet, as Walden does here, there remains a skillful commingling, with the horns often orbiting around each other harmonically before coming together in strong unison.”

“Walden deserts his usual axe in favor of tenor saxophone, proving himself as thoughtful yet fiery a player on the bigger horn as he is on alto, and using the instrument’s lower register to accomplish many of the ideas he’d normally play on bass clarinet.”

Momentum [says] that Walden is back, and with a vengeance…and document[s] one of the modern mainstream’s most provocative saxophonists, composers, and bandleaders.”

– John Kelman,  All About Jazz READ MORE »


“…uncannily evocative of the 1960s Miles Davis Quintet” with “a first rate band.”

– Nate Chinen,  The New York Times READ MORE »
“The music on Momentum is inspired by 1960s Miles Davis. Walden and trumpeter Darren Barrett play keening melodic arcs. introduction of soulful hard-bop elements Momentum is an album that invites the listener back, precisely because of this counterbalance of the settled and the agitated, the risky and the sureness of traditional references. Walden’s stirring improvisations mirror the compositional parity. To loquacious lines that reflect the current trend of saxophonists bubbling over with harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic ideas, Walden brings a wise, patient, and homespun approach.”

– Jacob Teichroew,  JazzAbout READ MORE »

“Walden…give[s] Miles’ music another look – a deep, dramatic stare. Strategically stacked,  Momentum uses a solid base of modern jazz motion to carry the record forth into a fantastic furry, featuring a fluid, hard-bop finale.”

– Brian Gall,  Cracking the Jazz Nut READ MORE »