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Regina Carter

Instrument: Violin | AMT Products Used: VS

“Applied Microphone Technology allows my violin to sound like a violin and I don’t have to worry about it picking up the other instruments on stage.” – Regina Carter

Regina Carter combines dazzling technical proficiency and profound compositionaland improvisational gifts with a fresh, aggressive approach to her instrument and a multicultural perspective. In Carter’s hands, the violin reveals both its melodic side and its  potential for percussive expression. Regina Carter demonstrates an eagerness to explore musical combinations and contexts both familiar and unexpected.
Born in Detroit her first musical influences was the Motown R ‘n’ B. Studying classical violin her goal was to become a soloist in one of the major orchestras – until she heard a concert of Jean Luc Ponty, which hooked her on jazz. In the meantime she counts among the leading artists on her instrument.