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Richard Sadler

Instrument: Acoustic BassAMT Products Used: S25B/S25B-Tp/SP25B/SP26B-TP

“I love the AMT SP25B – it is the best way to get a high quality, purpose built mic in close proximity to my bass. The audience will hear your bass. Sound engineers will love you, and even drummers have been known to pass a compliment…!!” – Richard Sadler

The Neil Cowley Trio

Cargo,  Rivington Street,  London EC2

Returning in emphatic style with their pounding, danceable, unashamedly melodic and irresistible new album ‘Loud…Louder…Stop!’,  the hugely entertaining Neil Cowley Trio launch both their new album and an extensive UK tour tonight at this trendy club. Cowley is a striking live performer whose immaculate technique, marvelously English wit and humour and rock solid sense of melody really hits home in the live setting. It’s also where the increasingly tight knit interplay between drummer Evan Jenkins and bassist Richard Sadler really takes off.

Jack Massarik – Evening Standard. Review of the Album launch at Cargo


Neil Cowley Trio – Cargo,  London2/4/08

Last night The Neil Cowley Trio launched their new album Loud…Louder…Stop! at trendy Shoreditch club Cargo, not usually the kind of venue you’d expect to find a piano trio playing. But then they aren’t your typical piano trio. As the audience files in there’s a building sense of excitement and by the time Cowley and Co. take to the stage the room is jammed full.

The trio delves deep into the backbeat with Cowley supplying monkish off-kilter lines to contrast with the earthy groove courtesy of Richard Sadler on double bass, and Evan Jenkins on drums. Tight rhythmic stabs near the end of the tune bring laughs and cheers and Cowley seems to be quite enjoying himself. But there’s much more to come.

‘Clumsy Couple’ with Sadler’s soft bowed bass bringing a weightless feel to the piece and providing beautiful moments of contrast. By the fourth piece the trio have hit their stride. The destructive repetitive patterns sound reminiscent of experimental/jazz outfit The Necks but it’s as though everything has been put into overdrive

Just when you think they can’t play any louder, the trio live up to the album’s name, providing a double encore, which, as Cowley says, will be “something ridiculously stupid”. Finishing with ‘She Eats Flies’, Cowley jives around while Jenkins solos, Sadler remaining as composed as ever. Ridiculously stupid? Perhaps. But stupid sure sounded fun tonight.

Sean Foran

Neil Cowley Trio Launches Album With Power And Passion

Last night saw The Neil Cowley Trio launch their new album in emphatic style at a packed club date at Cargo inLondon. More than living up to the album’s title ‘Loud… Louder… Stop’ there was evidence aplenty that the band has matured and grown in terms of both strength and dynamics.

Coupled to the steadfast bass work of Richard Sadler and the pyrotechnical break beats of drummer Evan Jenkins, Cowley is taking more risks than ever before with some hair-raising rhythmic interplay and adrenalin-fuelled solo sections.

Mike Flynn

“Later With Jools Holland” BBC TV April 1st 2008

“As is often the case the show was stolen by the unheralded act, in this case The Neil Cowley Trio, otherwise known as “the token jazz band, time to put the kettle on”. They only played one track, but then they probably get through a piano a per song on the basis of the pounding given to the thing during “His Nibs”. On the strength of this performance I’ll be buying the album and I’m viewers across the country will be doing the same (if they weren’t in the kitchen at the time).”