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By amt

Audun Waage

On 20, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By amt

16th Sept 2013

About the AMT mic:

I have been using the AMT wireless mic since 2003 and it is a very flexible mic system that works under virtually all conditions. The receiver has two outputs, one XLR and also one 1/4 inch, which is great as I sometimes use the 1/4 inch to run the mic into effect pedals. In certain situations I’ve also decided to replace studio-mics with my AMT mic. It seems to lightly compress the signal, probably since it is required to deal with different volumes whilst always keeping the same distance to the trumpet. Yet it reproduces a true representation of my tone, and even in the most extreme circumstances it rarely produces any feedback at all. It is also attached to the horn without any cables, so you can close your eyes and go with the music without having to worry about where you are pointing your horn. I highly recommend the AMT range of mics to any trumpet player out there who wants to bring their personal sound with them wherever they play. So far I have not found any other mic with which I have been equally satisfied. – “Audun Waage”

Audun Waage, born in Bergen, Norway, 2 June 1980. Coming from a family of several generations of musicians, he had the opportunity to jam with his father and his jazz friends from an early age. At the age og six, he was already able to play a  wide range of standards by ear. He started out playing professional gigs around age of 11, and featured as a soloist several times on national TV throughout his early teens. He appeared at many of the major Jazz festivals in Norway, including Mai Jazz in Stavanger, Kongsberg Jazz festival, Molde Jazz festival, and regularly at Nattjazz festival in his hometown Bergen. Aged 14 he received complimentary tuition from Jon Faddis in New York, and at the same age he was also featured to play a set with Jan Garbareks former trio, with Bobo Stenson, Jon Christensen and Lars Danielson. Aged 19 Audun moved to London, where he attended Trinity College of Music. Through making regular trips to New York, he started to work with musicians who had touring activities around the world, which eventually took him to festivals and concert venues in all 5 continents. Audun relocated to Barcelona in 2008, where he is currently based. He has worked live and on albums/DVD’s with among others: Chano Dominguez, Jojo Mayer, Airto Moriera, Scott Kinsey, Janek Gwizdala, Tim Miller, Eric Marienthal, Terje Isungseth, Gwilym Simcock, Orlando Le Fleming, Kike Perdomo, Gregoire Maret, Jasper Hoiby, Franco Piccinno, Ivo Neame and Mike Stern.

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