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DUAL Wireless Receiver – Hand held and Instrument transmitters!

On 19, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By amt


AMT Dual System – Applied Microphone Technology

Applied Microphone to release first ever Dual Receiver Wireless system that includes both a custom instrument microphone with their famed clip-on transmitters AND a hand held microphone. Use both microphones at once into the same receiver. Separate outputs for different EQ settings for each microphone.

The “5C” systems are available now with the microphone specific for each instrument. The 5C systems include the Wi5IIC clip-on wireless system creating a belt pack free AMT Transmittersoperating environment. Now, it’s possible to add a hand held wireless to the same setup without having to carry a second receiver.

If you do not need a hand held, you can add another clip-on transmitter allowing two AMT microphones / transmitter combinations to work with the same receiver!

Look for more information on soon!

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