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Join us at NAMM 2013

On 15, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By amt

Applied Microphone Technology @ NAMM 2013

If your attending NAMM, please stop by the booth and see all the new designs and products..   BOOTH 4318 HALL C.

New in 2013:

HR3R – The music industries only Harmonica Microphone specifically designed to clamp onto a neck brace.

S18 and S25 series cello and acoustic bass microphone systems receive a new model that attaches quickly to the tail piece with a spring loaded clamping system.  Meant for the player who requires removal of the microphone system after performance.  The clamp can be attached with one hand and still allows for placement of the microphone in many positions from under the bridge to the F hole.

Wi5II – The Wi5II is added to the line of wireless systems with a 99 channel DUAL receiver, allowing the user to perform with two micro clip-on transmitters and two microphones into one receiver.  Or, use Side B of the receiver to run a separate line / signal to another source like in-ear monitors or a completely separate monitor mix.

5C Systems – The 5C systems include the new WI5IIC wireless as well as the microphone of your choice selected for each individual instrument.   IE..  P800-5C, VS-5C, P808-5C…

Wi5IIC & Wi5IIB – Clip on and Belt pack Systems sold separately for existing customers that already own AMT microphones.



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