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Kenneth Whalum – Going strong with his AMT’s…

On 06, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By amt

Kenneth Whalum –

A remarkable bandleader, composer, arranger, and tenor saxophonist, New York City-based jazz musician Kenneth Whalum has set a new direction in music that can be described as creatively engaging, intense, and artistically real, to push the conventional boundaries of contemporary emerging artists. Whalum fuses together straight-ahead jazz, pop, soul, gospel, R&B, blues, and country—creating Picasso-like colors and brimming textures, of even richer musical hues.

His music creates a soundscape of lyrical cities—towering sounds of romance and love, ornate acoustic funky rhythms, bridging emotion and melody, song and dance, wonder and faith. And it is within that eternal city, in the depths of our hearts, where we dream, we cry, and we laugh, but altogether never forget the transforming sensibility of music. Whalum’s sax playing makes us feel our vital aliveness. Catch Whalum in a performance, and at once, he will pull down his dark shades, grab his tenor sax, and transform the room into a sacred space, our believing ground of warmth and beauty, tragedy and hope; we follow him as he plunges into our private moments–sweat brimming from his forehead–he gets inside the music.

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