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La Darrel Johnson

AMT Wi5II - Da Darrell Johnson

Photo Credits: Wes Lortz of Detroit, Michigan, of Rise Up Media.

“From the first moment I attached my wi5II to my saxophone, I knew that they were a match made in heaven! This mic picks up my entire horn, not just the tone from the bell, but the lows, mids, and highs of the horn VERY WELL! The microphone feels like a spotlight shining down on my instrument, and allows me project without forcefully over-blowing. This mic is the real deal! :)”

Saxappeal’s mission is to rekindle the flame between people and music, which is unfortunately flickering dim. His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they’ve yet to be touched. With focus, determination, positive energy, love, and a passion deeper than anything he can explain, he uses his horn to tell stories, state his opinions, and celebrate the gift of music through love.

From An Early Age

Saxappeal: the name itself brings a new image to the music arena. The young saxophonist, born and raised in Detroit, has been playing since the age of seven. In fact, this young bird, barely able to stand on his own two feet–let alone fly solo–was pushed out of the nest (musically speaking) after a mere six months of playing his horn. Now, the extraordinary 28-year-old musician brings anxiety, joy, love, pain, passion, and so many more sensations to the stage while performing. Comfortably known as ‘Sax’, he has scoped out his flying territory and has set his sights high.


Now a Grammy-nominated recording artist and a 2013 Crain’s Detroit Business “20 in their 20’s” Award recipient, this ambitious young artist has traveled from coast to coast, performing from intimate venues in Detroit to large-scale events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and Europe– just to name a few. His first time in New York was to perform at the legendary Carnegie Hall at the age of 17. Saxappeal has been performing with Koch Records recording artist, Dwele (also a Detroit native musician) since 2005. Saxappeal is also currently touring with R & B artist K’Jon and Grammy-nominated Indie-Soul artist Eric Roberson.



In efforts to form his own style, which he calls ‘SaxSoul’, Saxappeal’s music is diverse with a blend of jazz, hip-hop, soul, and R & B. This young artist has truly been humbled by his opportunities and eagerly awaits more.