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Optional S25 Models

Optional S25 Models

AMT Acoustic Bass systems are offered in a variety of models which cover all the possibilities.

Preamp Options:

  • “I” Models – include the Inline Preamp (phantom power required)
  • “B” Models – include the original AP40 / Studio Preamp (phantom power or 9 Volt battery required)
  • “SP” – includes the “Super Preamp” with multiple outputs.  (phantom power, optional external power supply, or 9 Volt battery required)

Mounting Options:

  • “Standard” – Original side mounting system.
  • “TP” Mounting – Original tail piece mounting system meant to reside on the instrument most times.
  • S26″ Mounting – New 2013 Quick Mounting Adjustable Tail Piece System


S26AMT Studio Series models come complete with the AP40 Studio Preamp, hardshell case, and AMT Disconnecting Cable Technology. Click for more information.