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Welcome to! Choose Wired for microphones without wireless, or Wireless for complete wireless systems.  Be sure to also check out all the new products in the news section.

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Optional Wireless

The AMT “W“ireless series is the answer for the player looking to combine an AMT microphone with other major brands of wireless.  The “W” series comes complete with an AMT microphone designed specific for each instrument and with either a Shure or Sennheiser cable.


The W-Shure models ship with an AMT – Ta4 connector which can be used with Shure,  Line 6, and Sabine wireless systems.


The W-Sennheiser ships with an 1/8 inch locking connector for Sennheiser wireless systems.

The “W”ireless systems are also compatable with the AMT Wi5IIC wireless system, creating totally beltpack free operation – one that is usable with all of the available AMT preamps.

Optional cables for AKG, Sennheiser Limo connectors, and Audix wireless systems are also available in our online store!