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On 13, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt


Microphones for Drum set – Set of 4 (Includes AMT Inline preamps & case. Phantom power required)

The AMT 97C & 97-4C (Set of 4) Drum microphone. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by Applied Microphone Technology in the USA. The system is available for order in a one microphone setup (97C) or a package of four (97-4C).

Applied Microphone is known for the most natural sounding instrument microphones on the market. The 97C is no exception demonstrating yet the most focused and natural sounding drum and percussion microphone hand made by AMT to date. Known for its clarity, excellent transient response, resistance to feedback, SPL handling and ease of operation, the 97C is aimed for mic’ing drums and percussion instruments with the utmost of clarity.

The 97C is newly designed incorporating an integrated clamping mechanism which can accept all types of drum rim mounting including drum and percussion hoops. With the new trends in drum manufacturing to use different materials, some exotic, making the dimensional sizes vary from the standard metal hoop, the 97C will accept all hoops.

AMT’s focus has been on shock mounting the microphone element at the capsule. While other companies have designed there shock mechanism to be based on the clamp, AMT’s approach to design shock mounting at the capsule will absorb more of the inherent problems with transient noise and vibration.

The 97C cardioid patterned microphone has an excellent feedback rejection rate and at the same time gives a more natural transparent reproduction in close proximity.

Due to 4 point suspension isolation system, AMT can achieve a full frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Suspended in an aluminum iso-ring, the 97C is easy to use incorporating an adjustable clamping system made to accommodate many drums.

The 97C operates on phantom with the included AMT Inline phantom power adapter. All cables disconnect from both the microphone and preamp with mini XLR connections thus allowing for a very versatile setup. The system includes the inline phantom power adapter and a carrying pouch.


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