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On 05, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt

AMT Accordion Systems (ACCX, ACCR, ACCL)

AMT Manufactures several accordion microphone systems.

Model choices:

ACCX – Single microphone for smaller size accordions

ACCR – Double microphone for mid size to large accordions


The AMT ACCX is an external microphone system for accordion.  Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by Applied Microphone Technology in the USA. The system features a one microphone setup with an external bracket that mounts via double sided tape to the front or side of any size / type of accordion. The bracket then can be removed if not needed as it mounts with high capacity velcro.

The ACCX is the perfect accordion setup for the accordion player looking for a high quality external clip on microphone that can withstand the high sound pressure level of a musette tuned accordion. It can also handle SPL’s from bellow shaking as well as pick up the most sensitive levels of a single reed soloist.

The bracket can accept and mount up to three AMT microphones for different mic’ing techniques around the accordion. The ACCX allows, if needed, the ability to place two microphones in front of the grill of the accordion for mic’ing the right hand and reverse the direction for the third microphone to pickup the left hand or opposite side of an accordion.AMT-Inline-Preamp

The ACCX kit includes 1 AMT microphone with iso-ring technology along with the ACCX accordion clamp and 1 preamp needed to power the microphone. Additional microphones can be purchased separately if desired. The included inline preamp can be placed on the floor, on a belt clip, or in your pocket. The preamp has a low roll-off switch as well as a dB cut. Phantom power is needed to power the microphone system.

The system also includes a soft carrying pouch for the microphone,  AMT inline preamp (phantom power required), and mounting bracket.





AMT-ACCR-SystemThe AMT ACCR is a dual self contained microphone for the right hand of the accordion. Includes two microphones balanced for the accordion which allows the lower BP45-View-2bassoon reeds to stand out from the higher volumes that the clarinet and piccolo reeds can produce. The microphone mounts with either dual lock velcro to allow for easy transitions to other accordions, or can mount with the included mounting blocks via a screw system for more of a permanent setup.  With either mounting option, the ACCR can be removed easily after each use.  The ACCR includes the BP45 preamp which run on either phantom power or 1 AA battery.