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On 14, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt

AMT B811

AMT B811 Overhead Microphone (set of 2) transformer-less microphones.

The B811 cardioid condenser microphone operates without a transformer and has an extremely flat frequency response which is contoured for overhead configurations. When used in pairs, it enables them to accentuate cymbals accurately, while allowing for a good rejection rate outside the perimeter. The sonic quality of the B811’s are achieved through a transformerless circuit. The least amount of electronic components used in a circuit creates a higher transparency. The B811’s are suspended in a 12 point mounting suspension system. The sleek design includes a .50inch diameter microphone head which enables the microphone to be placed in many difficult space setups. Hand made in the USA, the B811’s maintain the same pure sound reproduction that AMT is known for. They operate on phantom power from 15 volts to 48 volts DC. The B811’s are sold in matched pairs.

The B-811 can be used live, in the studio, for broadcast purposes, and for individual instruments such as violin, guitar, piano, woodwinds and brass as well as overheads for drums and percussion. Create a three microphone stereo piano transformerless setup using the B811’s and the legendary AMT M40.

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