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On 05, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt

AMT Studio Microphones

The AMT 350, 404, and B811 are studio microphones designed to record vocals and instruments on classic analog and the popular growing digital format. With a cardioid pattern, the they are designed to be used for guitar cabinets, acoustic guitars, vocals, and acoustic instruments. AMT’s main goal in manufacturing microphones is to capture the most natural sound possible. The AMT 350, 404, and B811 are engineered to do just that – capture the most natural sound from the source in a controlled setting. Musicians work there entire life to create a personal sound and AMT works to reproduce those sounds as the artist intends them to be heard.

The three microphones are at an affordable price range, allowing one to purchase in pairs for stereo overhead use as well. Their ultra low noise level allows it to compete with any studio microphone on the market. Either of the three microphones come complete with a hard
shell case and clip for mounting to a microphone stand.

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