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AMT Wi5IIV Dual Wireless Vocal System

AMT Wi5IIV Dual Wireless Vocal System

AMT has designed the AMT Wi5IIV Wireless Vocal System for professional sound applications and working musicians alike.  Possibilities are endless with AMT Wi5II wireless systems, which allow both the use of handheld, wireless and the legendary belt pack free instrument wireless system’s to work in conjunction with each other utilizing the same ZRIII Receiver system.

The Wi5IIV Vocal system comes complete with two handheld microphones, which transmit, to the ZRIII Dual Receiver.  Both handhelds can be used at the same time with each side of the receiver accepting transmission from one of the handhelds creating a dual microphone system.

If you’re an instrumentalist and own one of the Wi5II series wireless systems already, you can add the 5V Vocal microphone to operate in combination with the Wi5II, Wi5IIC, or 5C clip-on systems.  5V wireless microphones sold separate or included with this (Wi5IIV and Wi5IICV) dual microphone package.

Over 560 selectable frequencies, and 99 pre-programmed frequencies are available.  Automatic Frequency Selection provides a clear channel.

Wi5IIV System includes two handheld microphones and ZRII Receiver.

Wi5IICV System includes one handheld microphone, 1 5C Clip-on Transmitter, and receiver.

5V – Microphone only (Specify frequency when ordering)

5C – Include 5C clip-on transmitter plus microphone for specific instruments.



99 Selectable Channels in the USA channels with an additional adjustable 560 free frequencies.

Available Frequency Bands:

UHF 902-928 (USA)

UHF 863-865 (Europe, UK)

16 Selectable Channels with an additional 60 Free Frequencies for frequency band 863-865mhz. (Europe)

Automatic frequency scans feature searches for available frequencies

PLL system.

LCD display, shows the RF level, AF level, channel and frequency.

High efficiency batteries consumption design, the microphone can be used continuously use for 5 hours.

Using high gain antenna, 50 Meter range.

Half 19 inch design, two systems can be connected for 19 rack.


Carrier Frequency: UHF600-930MHz

Frequency Stabilization: 95dB

Total Harmonic Distortion:95dB

Image & Spurious Rejection: >80dB

Border Upon Channel Rejection: >80dB

Receiving Sensitivity: 5dBuV

De-Emphasis: 50uS

Handheld Microphone:

Transmitter Power: 30mW

Modulation Type: FM

Deviation: 40KHz

Spurious Emission: >60dB

Battery Voltage: 3V (1.5V AA Battery)

Continuous Using: 4- 5 hours