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The WS-5C is the answer for any player looking for a belt pack free wireless system. The new WS-5C system comes with AMT’s flagship WS microphone, and the Wi5IIC Wireless system. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT throughout the world. The WS is the #1 choice for top professionals that look for the most natural sound reproduction possible from a clip on microphone. A professional player spends their entire life creating ‘their’ sound, and AMT has spent its entire lifetime working to capture those sounds. Combine the success of the WS with AMT’s second generation wireless system, the Wi5IIC, and you’ll have a package that will not only change the playing experience but allow the audience to hear what exactly what you want them to hear.

The AMT WS double clarinet / oboe microphone is the perfect choice for the player that needs control of their volume in a belt pack style setup. Excellent choice for soft to loud music. Principal artist or soloist.

Each microphone is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing key and handling noise. Phantom power or 9Volt battery required.

Wi5IIC Wireless System. 

The Wi5IIC is the answer for any player looking for a belt pack free wireless system. The Wi5IIC will clip on and off of all AMT model microphones. Designed, manufactured, and distributed by AMT throughout the world.

The Wi5IIC “Clip on” wireless system creates the belt pack free operating environment. The system is designed to clip on and off of all AMT microphones by using a hand-machined clip that locks onto various mounting brackets throughout the microphone lineup. Because the Wi5IIC will clamp onto to all AMT models, the microphones can also be used wired with optional AMT preamp’s.

Dual Receiver

The ZRIII receiver will allow two microphone / transmitter setups to be used with one receiver. The ZRIII receiver includes two separate outputs on the back panel for complete control over each microphone / transmitter channel.

Multi – Channel

The Wi5IIC now includes 99 selectable channels. Control of the channels is changed via infrared controls from the receiver to the transmitter.

“Clip On”

Since the transmitter will clip on to all AMT models, it is very simple to use your microphone wired with any of the available AMT preamps. If you’re a “doubler” and require multiple microphones, the same Wi5IIC / transmitter can be connected to optional

AMT microphone.

Rechargeable Battery

With all modern devices, battery life is very important. The Wi5IIC transmitter includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which can be recharged over 1000 times and gives 7-8 hours of continuous use. Charge the transmitter on the break and you’ll be ready for the next gig.

Digital LCD Displays

Both the transmitter and receiver include illuminated LCD displays for easy visibility on dark stages, or poorly lit clubs or concert halls.

Detachable Antenna’s

Detachable antenna’s allow for the addition of a rack and booster kit.

Mute & On / Off Button

The Wi5IIC transmitter includes a mute button as well as an on / off switch for saving battery life on the breaks.

Audio Outputs

The rear panel of the ZRIII receiver includes an A & B Output for each side of the Dual receiver. A ¼ inch output is also included which parallels output A.