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Welcome to! Choose Wired for microphones without wireless, or Wireless for complete wireless systems.  Be sure to also check out all the new products in the news section.

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S25B Studio Series

AMT Studio Series models come complete with both:

The AP40 studio preamp includes a transformer-less circuit to keep the signal path as pure as possible with an XLR output. Phantom power or 9 volt battery required. The AP40 is designed to sit on the floor and out of the way of the player or any stands. Excellent choice for soft to loud music for a principal artist, ensemble setting, or a soloist. Ideal for professional sound applications.

Each model includes a 10′ cable from the microphone to the preamp and is equipped with AMT Disconnecting Cable Technology to allow the microphone to be used as “W”ireless or “BP” models if needed. *Additional cables for a variety of setups sold seperately.