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On 05, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt

AMT Accordion Systems (ACCX, ACCR, ACCL)

AMT Manufactures several accordion microphone systems.

Model choices:

ACCX – Single microphone for smaller size accordions

ACCR – Double microphone for mid size to large accordions


The AMT ACCX is an external microphone system for accordion.  Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by Applied Microphone Technology in the USA. The system features a one microphone setup with an external bracket that mounts via double sided tape to the front or side of any size / type of accordion. The bracket then can be removed if not needed as it mounts with high capacity velcro.

The ACCX is the perfect accordion setup for the accordion player looking for a high quality external clip on microphone that can withstand the high sound pressure level of a musette tuned accordion. It can also handle SPL’s from bellow shaking as well as pick up the most sensitive levels of a single reed soloist.
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On 14, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt


The M40P is a bold new direction for microphones suited for piano.  The M40P has been designed for piano but works equally well in other applications such as boundary layer micing (conference, stage).

The “P” version of the M40 includes two main differences from the standard M40.  The M40P includes an external power supply and a transformer in the circuit.

Once again, the AMT product line stays consistent with the most natural sounding piano microphone system on the market. Mono in design, the system allows for use with a closed piano lid – the only system on the market that will allow for that. It is capable of picking up subtle passages as well as sound pressure levels up to 141dB. Its rugged construction of anodized aviation aluminum allows it to withstand high impact while being lightweight and non-corrosive. The M40P’s signal can be split and frequencies rolled off in a specific way to create a stereo image.

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On 28, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By amt


The AMT M40 is Applied Microphone Technology’s legendary piano microphone system. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT in the USA. The system is intended to set inside the piano normally between the 2nd and 3rd sound holes on the cast iron plate of a grand and fastened to the front bottom door of an upright piano.

The M40 achieves the most natural sound possible out of a microphone. Mono in design, the system can be used with a flat EQ setting allowing plenty of gain before feedback all while maintaining the pure and natural sound that each different piano has. Applied Microphone Technology designs microphone specific for each instrument and does not adapt one microphone for many instruments.

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