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On 09, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By amt


AMT Z1-5B Wireless Flute Microphone system with Wi5IIB wireless beltpack transmitter and dual receiver.

AMT Releases the Wi5IIB & 5B wireless system, now available in the 902-928 Frequency Range. The Wi5IIB belt pack system is the answer for any player looking for a multi channel belt pack wireless system. It includes all the same features as the Wi5IIC however clips to the belt instead of the microphone. The 5B transmitter is lite in weight and the perfect choice to combine with an AMT Z1 Flute or WS Clarinet microphone to keep the weight as lite as possible. The 5B transmitter also works with all the popular models like the LS, VS, Ta2, P800, and P808 series microphone systems. The 5B includes a volume control as well as a mute button.

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On 28, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By amt


The S18-5C  is the answer for any player looking for a belt pack free wireless system for cello.  The new 5C system comes with AMT’s flagship S18C microphone, and the Wi5IIC Wireless system. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT throughout the world. The S18C is the #1 choice for top professionals that look for the most natural sound reproduction possible from a clip on microphone. A professional player spends their entire life creating ‘their’ sound, and AMT has spent its entire lifetime working to capture those sounds. Combine the success of the S18C with AMT’s second generation wireless system, the Wi5IIC, and you’ll have a package that will not only change the playing experience but allow the audience to hear what exactly what you want them to hear.

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