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Inline And BP45 Technical Bulletin

Technical Bulletin:


It has been brought to the attention of the Applied Microphone Technology engineers and assembly team that certain “Inline Preamps” that are shipped with the below stated models pop and short circuit signal to the mixing console.


Inline Systems: System 1, ERTS, ACCX, P43S, VP2, VP3, & HR3.

BP45 Systems: LS, WS, VS, Z1, P800, TA2

AMT has done the research and found that a number of cable manufactures off shore, with distribution in the USA & Europe through many name companies have distributed cables that are not up to the correct specs in order for a solid connection from the XLR cable to the mentioned preamps to occur.  The cable may OR may not appear loose in appearance however it may still create a broken or loose connection.   Due to the fact that the AMT “Inline Preamp” requires phantom power, the results of these poor cable connections are most apparent. The phantom power is being supplied via the mixing console and passed through the cable to the preamp, and then on to the microphone element.  Once connection is broken, “popping” sounds can be heard.

Change the cable to a quality XLR cable, preferably with Neutrik connectors.

If you have sent your microphone in for repair and receive it back with the same problem, start by checking the cables.  All repairs are sent to a technician at AMT for diagnosis.  The obvious problems are fixed.  The microphones with problems that do not appear immediately stay on the bench for a number of days to assure the problem is detected.


If you need to send your microphone in for repair, please click below:
AMT Return/Repair Form