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S25B Gain Level

After hours of trying different combo amps and amp heads, we have come to the conclusion that amp manufacturers have not done their homework in addressing the proper gain structure for a microphone. Yes, they have added a low impendence input, but the gain is set for a dynamic microphone, which puts out a much lower output. We have tried at least ten common condenser microphones (AKG 414, AKG 451 SHURE SM81, AUDIO TECT. 35, NEUMANN U87, NEUMANN 180).

AMT 404, AMT B811, SONY ECM22, SHURE BETA 98S have also all had the same results. All of these microphones need at least 10 db of gain reduction and some even have bass roll off.

What AMT has done is developed a new chip that works well with the Acoustic Image AMP. This should work with AER as well. But mind you that it does compromise the sound if you want to plug the microphone directly to a (P.A., STUDIO CONSOLE, HOME STUDIO). Our opinion is that you should have both chips – the one that came with it and the one for this problem – CHIP# (CA303) – just by switching chips for different applications.

It is an easy task that takes only a few minutes. You just have to use a small screwdriver to pry the chip out – BE CARFUL NOT TO BEND THE PINS – and press chip (CA303) in its place (LINE UP PINS SO THEY DON’T BEND, AND CHIP IS IN CORRECT POLL POSITION). If put in the wrong way, it will not work, however,  it will not damage the microphone. Contact us for more information.