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Universal Clamp Instructions

Universal Clamp Instructions – Wi5 Wireless Microphone System

The Universal clamp comes with extra parts. These parts are intended to be used for flutes, clarinet, percussion and other various instruments that require a clamp rather than a clip. See diagram below.  
  1. Spring tightened“Clip” portion of the Universal Clamp intended for flanged bell instruments. (Saxophones, trumpet, trombone, tubas, etc.) (#1)
  2. Reinforced tightening screw for flanged bell instruments. (#2)
  3. Two option microphone stem placement holes for use with varying instruments / positions. (#3)
  4. Tightening screw for microphone stem. (#4)
  5. Clamp portion of the “Universal Clamp” intended for use for flutes, clarinets, percussion, etc. Remove this piece when using the “clip” portion of the clamp on flanged bell instruments. (Clip =  #1) (Clamp = #5)