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Welcome to! Choose Wired for microphones without wireless, or Wireless for complete wireless systems.  Be sure to also check out all the new products in the news section.

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Wireless Information

Quantum 7 Mini  Syncing / Channel changing

Quantum 7 Manual

Quantum 7 Mini 863-865mhz Channel setup


Quantum 7 823-832mhz Channel setup


Wi5II / ZRIII Syncing and setup tutorial

7Min Tutorial on how to change the channels and sync the Wi5II Series / ZRIII Receiver.

Wi5II Product Support

The AMT Wi5II Quick Setup Information in PDF form for easy download and storage.

Wi5II Product Manual

The AMT Wi5II Manual.


Wi5 Product Manual

The AMT Wi5 Product Manual in PDF form for easy download and storage.


Wi5 Series Frequency Bands

A list of frequency bands from our popular Wi5 series of wireless microphones.


Wireless Help

Frequently asked questions about our wireless products.


FCC Wireless Changes

Due to the changes in the FCC regulations in the USA,it is illegal to use Roam 1’s and Roam 1 Elites.  The support for service for these wireless systems (Samson Airlines) will no longer be able to be serviced after June 12th 2010. Please click below for more information.


Wi5 and Wi5C Gain Control

An important technical bulletin regarding the Wi5 and Wi5C.